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Ban Appeal
BYOND Name: Bones6262

Reason Banned: Violation of rule 1

Date of ban: April 24th, 2023

Admin who banned: numberzero1032

Length Banned: permanent

Appeal Reason: I sought out being banned because I knew I had joined at some point before I was 18 because I was atoning for the sins of lying about my age. I deserve a permanent ban by all means. This appeal is because I thought maybe it couldn't hurt to try and see if I couldn't get back on because I really enjoy playing ss13 on chompstation. I've had friends ask me to get back on and I've refused cause of my punishment I knew I deserved. I cannot deny how much I wish to return, however. I cannot justify my unban, I acknowledge I broke the rules and am fine with being declined the appeal. I know that it can't hurt to ask, though. My date of birth is May 11th, 2003 and my first join date on Chompstation was April 09th, 2021, one month before I was declared 18. I've also attached a picture of my DOB on my license next to my ss13 username.
Bonehead, do not post your ID and DOB here, this is a public forum.
Also, your ban is permanent. Appeal denied.

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