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Xenochimera Whitelist application
BYOND Username: Chewy.exe (Chewyexe for coding purposes)

Discord ID: Chewy.exe#4005

Race whitelisting for: Xenochimera


What do you know of their mechanics?: Most of what I know is that they are prone to going feral due to starvation and/or injury, which will trigger much more baser mentality traits, such as running mainly on 'fight or flight' requiring to either hunt, or be given meat, hide in a darkened space with minimal individuals around, defend themselves against an active threat should they be cornered, or straight up eat their attacker, be it whole or otherwise. (According to pref of course.)

I am also aware of the fact they are too genetically advanced due to the constant 'shifting' of their DNA, making it almost encrypted compared to normal mammilian, reptillian etc, DNA, To balance this, they are able to go into a 'stasis' of sorts, repairing the damage to their body by, from what I can tell, creating a seperate layer of skin beneath the first, bursting out of their old body like a cocoon, leaving them fresh and revitalized, although at the cost of nutrition, though it can be triggered by medical injecting a nutrient mix into the Xenochimera, hence bringing them back somewhat easily.

They can also gain some of the appearance off of others when they consume, and digest them. Letting them make themselves rather unique in comparison to other creatures who are unable to just pick and choose that these ears look nice and would fit your head perfectly.

What do you know of their lore?: Their lore is mostly mysterious, though what can be assumed is they started an evolutionary chain by consumption and growth, slowly growing more and more and eventually, should they consume someone sapient, gaining sapience themselves, being able to be accepted for work in Nanotrasen, of course it isn't advised they be in a high danger line of work, unless they want to get an angry thing running about trying to escape wherever it can.

What idea did you have for your character?: I worked on a character today, he is a maned wolf, the idea is that his backstory is somewhat mysterious, but the last being he ate, happened to be, a maned wolf, where they were consumed is unclear, but he will be surviving on SIF alone, of course others will be able to find, meet, and converse with him, He will eventually be hired into nanotrasen, though how quickly will depend on what others do, as in putting him fowards for it would certainly make his employment that much quicker, but other than that he'll be rather simple, consuming people who have interesting characteristics and extremities.

Thank you for reading, have a lovely day, Chewy

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