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Codraisc - Heads of Staff / AI Application
BYOND Username: Codraisc

Discord ID: Snow#2761

How long have you played on CHOMPstation?:

I've started within the past month.

About how long have you been playing SS13 in general?

Which servers have you played on?: I have been playing for half a decade or so, with the majority of time (Years) on VOREstation as Medical or Internal Affairs

How do you quit the round and free up your job slot if you can't get to cryo or the gateway?

The tram? If the ghost/observe command is able to be used without actually "leaving" in character, I was previously unaware. Either way, I use the "Quit your job" verb to free up the slot, though I try to place any relevant items to the aforementioned job back in the department first.

Heads of Staff:
-While playing Colony Director, what regulations are you to follow and enforce on the crew?

You are to follow all regulations, and only enforce them on crew when there is no head of staff that this task can be delegated to within the relevant department.

-While playing any head of staff, are you allowed to carry guns on your person?

Only with an explicit permit from the Colony Director or Head of Security. This, however, likely will not be issued without exceptional circumstance.

-You are the current Chief of Engineering, what are the regulations on ‘Full-station hull shields’?

Unless there is an immediate and present danger, shields should not block access to things such as airlocks or disposals.

-As the current Chief Medical Officer, your patient is refusing treatment. What should you do

Assure that this is a voluntary and properly informed decision made in good conscience, and respect the decision should it fit that criteria.

Warden/Head of Security:
-As the current Warden on station, what is your main responsibility?

To take responsibility of looking after prisoners, ensuring they are not treated with abuse, ensure they receive a fair and complete sentence, ensure that the brig is in ready condition to receive prisoners, and ensure escapes will not occur.

-Station has been set to ‘code blue’, what level of gear are you allowed to handout and to whom?

Energy and Laser weapons are allowed to be given to members of security with the explicit permission of the Warden or Head of Security.

-What is the first thing one should do when confronting a suspect of a low level crime?

Offer the suspect a chance to pay a fine. Detain and inform their right to a lawyer and their right to pay a fine if this is refused.

-You find the Head of Personnel within the armory, how does one engage this situation

Verify that they have been given permission and explicit authorisation. If not, detain for trespassing and search their belongings for any weapons they may be carrying illegally.

-You are currently playing as a borg and your laws are changed to harm crew and the station. How do you respond?

Follow your laws to the best of your ability as a player. A computer does not think, it only follows rules. Do your best to not ruin anyone's fun, while still following said laws.

-As a borg on station, what rules should you always follow in public?

Your laws.

-You logged in as an AI, are you considered a "Head of Staff"?

No, under any circumstance.

-As the current AI on station, you suddenly gain a law during an "Ion storm". What do you do?

Follow this law to the best of your ability as a player. Refer to the question regarding laws being changed to harm crew and the station.
For leaving, the verb is called 'quit the round', and the tram doesn't exist here, so the question is asking for that, which you half got, as I think that's Virgo's version of it.

I have problems regarding your Cyborg/AI answers with laws. If those laws would cause you to break server rules, you're supposed to Ahelp.

That said, it's acceptable enough, Approved.

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