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Shadekin Whitelist
This board is to apply for Shadekin whitelisted species on our game.

Please copy our template below and create a NEW post with this template filled out, do NOT comment on this topic.

NOTICE: Whitelisted characters are not permitted to change species. If your whitelisted character changes species, your whitelist will be revoked and your character will not be permitted to be a whitelisted species again. Contact staff if you wish to retire a character's whitelist.

Shadekin Lore/Guidelines: Googledoc

Quote:Carbon Shadekin Whitelist

BYOND Username (Ckey):

Discord Username/ID:

How long have you been a member of CHOMPStation13:

Shadekin Character

What is your character's name, motivations, backstory? Alternatively, describe the idea you had for your character.

Why do you want to play this species?

How will playing this species influence the way you roleplay this character?

Describe your Shadekin character's appearance and primary eye color.

Shadekin Lore

How does Shadekin adaptability affect their physical and behavioral traits? Provide an example.

Shadekins have a very unique ability to phase, but what are the limiting factors that prevent them from using it?

Describe the importance of names in Shadekin and how they are given additional names.

What are the origins of the Shadekin and how did they come to live in The Dark?

Shadekin Guidelines

What advanced game mechanics are Shadekins restricted from using? Provide three examples.

What are the behavioral guidelines for Shadekins regarding station lights, resources, and interactions with the crew?

What steps should a Shadekin take if they wish to join an exploration party?

Under what circumstances can Shadekins participate in events or mini-event areas?

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