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Moderator Whitelist Application

BYOND Name: Chewy.exe (Chewyexe for coding purposes)

Discord Name: Chewy.exe#4005

What role you are applying for: Moderator

Why do you wish to be in the position you choose?: I want to help the people who want to do what they want to do, the people who get stuck or just want something as simple as a size gun, try to resolve conflicts to help people come out of things happily instead of resenting one another. Hopefully to educate people if they are a bit, over the top in stuff they do, before it's too late and they get themselves banned, and overall just become a little light in the community, I don't want to be renown or bowed at, but just have been there to help a little.

How long have you played on the server for?: At least 6 or so months now I'd have to hazard a guess.

Have you ever been banned, warned, or otherwise reprimanded by admins? If so, why? Yes several times, For one I was warned due to suicide things. For two I was warned about OOC harassment, borderline but still, I'm very ashamed about that one, and the latest was due to putting a maids dress on someone, though I was pressed to do so by another individual, it still fell on my head, and I learned from that.

Have you ever been banned, warned, or otherwise reprimanded by admins on another server? If so, why? I have not no.

Have you ever been staff on another server? If yes, how long? Sadly not.

What do you want to gain from being staff? Just a bit of community belonging in these weird times, even if it's just to be useful to others,

How do you see yourself in the future of the server? I don't know, I don't like setting up future visions, I'd rather let the wind carry me so to speak, maybe one day I'd end up as a dev, an admin, or even an event manager, but I don't know at the moment.

What do you want to offer to the community? A smile, a warm shoulder to lay their weary chin, an ear to listen to issues if required. A helpful hand to dust em off. Just, general warmth and comfort, It's what I want to do for others, as it's something I always wanted someone to do for me.

What times are you most active? Please include your time zone as we'd like to cover schedule gaps if possible. I am GMT, I typically come on at around 5PM GMT, or 8PM GMT. Though at the same time I have been thinking of popping around at 12PM GMT. Take from that what you will


What expertise can you offer to the staff team (e.g. mapping, coding, etc.)? I can't offer anything in this field as of current, sorry.

Can you show any examples of your work (github PR’s count)? N/A


If you have been a mod/admin in elsewhere, is there anybody who can provide a recommendation? No sadly

We are here to offer a service to the community; as a moderator, how do you want to be represented? As kassc is represented by tacos, I will be represented by fish and chips. But no in all seriousness I just want to be, someone people can come to and not feel afraid to chat to about whatever.

Event Manager

If you have been a game host in the past, how good have you been at improvising? This doesn’t need to be ss13 and could involve examples such as being a Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master. I ain't done any DM'ing, I do like to try and think up random story things though.

This is the most stressful position in the staff team; how well do you handle negative community feedback? I'm used to negative feedback on my day to day life, It'll be gucci.

Sincerely, Chewy.

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