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Vox Application
BYOND Username: Bubblebunni

Discord ID: bubblebunni#9420

Race whitelisting for: Vox


What do you know of their mechanics?: Vox have a mixture of scales, feathers and plates that work to make them resistant to shocks and immune to vacuum. They also breathe nitrogen instead of oxygen, which is toxic to them. It used to be phoron, but I am told that has changed. They also cannot be resleeved on station by any normal means.

What do you know of their lore?:
After both reading the chomp wiki the communicating with Djvoid227 for guidance and education on the species I shall write down the bits that I find most prudent. the Vox are a nomadic and isolated species that lives in colossal vessels called Arkships they tend to stick closer to the edges of the known space rather than traveling inwards. The aralis vox also move those ships should anyone drift too close to them. In chomp there is mention of Aralis, Apex, and primalis. Primalis not being named but being standard Vox kind and the kind recruited recruited by NT when they are left with only that option. Vox as a whole are very reclusive and secretive culture and have bad reputation with others due to their exploitation and piracy of those they can. There is an undocumented event in which an arkship was destroyed which resulted in the Vox losing tremendous amounts of knowledge and technology. They covet their own technology and have not succeeded in reverse engineering anything from their own highly advanced tech. They also have an elaborate reproductive system that includes pods and genetic material stored in tails.

What idea did you have for your character?:
So far, the character I have in mind is named Kulukiiti! A mostly average, but more agreeable vox. Likely going to be a miner. Backstory and mannerisms will manifest themselves after playing with the shape for a bit, I'm sure!

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