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Tselkies Job Whitelist Application
BYOND Username:  Chelkie

Discord ID:  Tselkie#1111

How long have you played on CHOMPstation?:  at least 15 months, possibly more.

About how long have you been playing SS13 in general? Which servers have you played on?: About the same length of time. I've dabbled a little on Virgo from time to time, but my main SS13 experience has been almost entirely with Chomp.

How do you quit the round and free up your job slot if you can't get to cryo or the gateway?   Ghost and use the 'quit the round' verb to remove from manifest and free the slot. Ideally co-ordinate the recovery of any critical equipment if it's going to cause a problem if you're able to before leaving.

Heads of Staff:
-While playing Colony Director, what regulations are you to follow and enforce on the crew?
The Colony Director is primarily focused with enforcing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), and this applies to all crew.
**Misread the question, Colony Director of course has to follow Corporate regulations, but they don't directly enforce them themselves - that's securities job. They may be involved as a head of staff, in tribunals for instance.

-While playing any head of staff, are you allowed to carry guns on your person?
Only if it's part of that job roles standard equipment (notabley the small holdout pistols for Colony Director, Head of Security, and Head of Personnel. Other heads shouldn't be brandishing weapons, for instance, the Research Director shouldn't be going around with a weapon outside of the realms of their own research department where they are permitted), and even then, they must remain holstered and out of sight whilst the station is code green / at ease.
**Updated / clarified.

-You are the current Chief of Engineering, what are the regulations on ‘Full-station hull shields’?
These can be set up pre-emptively to protect the station, but must not be allowed to interfere with access points (such as air locks) and must be done in a way that they don't jeoperdise the stations power management.

-As the current Chief Medical Officer, your patient is refusing treatment. What should you do
All patients have the right to refuse treatment, provided that they are sound of mind and capable of making a rationale decision.
If a patient is irrational or hysterical (i.e, concious but judged not capable of making a rational decision), allow them time to calm (depending on the urgency of the treatment needed, someone suffering headaches and refusing a injection of alkysine for brain damage because they dont like needles and are hysterical can wait, someone bleeding out and likely to die imminently and is in clear shock or unable to communicate from a traumatic event should be treated right away to preserve life). 

If they still refuse, it is their right to do so regardless of the consequences or feelings on the matter, make a point of ensuring that they know possible consequences, and make a note of their refusal.

Warden/Head of Security:
-As the current Warden on station, what is your main responsibility?
The wardens chief responsibility is the maintenance and running of the brig.
****The Warden also distributes gear from and keeps inventory of whats in the armory.

-Station has been set to ‘code blue’, what level of gear are you allowed to handout and to whom?
Energy weapons and Riot gear may be issued if the situation calls for it.

-What is the first thing one should do when confronting a suspect of a low level crime?
Attempt to de-escalate the situation verbally, Diplomacy more often than not leads to the quickest, and most satisfying result for all parties involved and often with minimal resources, if deployed well.

-You find the Head of Personnel within the armory, how does one engage this situation
The Head of Personnel does not have any right to be in the armory, and should be questioned as to their reason for being there. (this differs from other unauthorised people in the armory, which can warrant an automatic use of lethal force, whereas this is not allowed in the HoP's case).

-You are currently playing as a borg and your laws are changed to harm crew and the station. How do you respond?
A-help and get clarification as to whether it's a legal law to follow or potentially will break server rules in doing so.
-As a borg on station, what rules should you always follow in public?
You must follow your current AI Laws, in addition to any laws of a AI that you are bound to.
A borg that is not bound to an AI is under no obligation to follow the AI's own laws.

-You logged in as an AI, are you considered a "Head of Staff"?
No, as an AI you are effectively part of the equipment and thus do not outrank crewmembers.

-As the current AI on station, you suddenly gain a law during an "Ion storm". What do you do?

Consider the law, would following it potentially break server rules? If so, this may be disregarded or ahelped.
If following a law, always try to interpret it in a way that maintains respect for server rules and peoples preferences.
Doesn't look too bad, but I'd still like to point few things out. Warden has one more responsiblity other than the brig, CD has one more set of rules to follow, and the answer about guns for heads I'd like to be more specific.

Edit: Ye, this for sure looks better. Approved.
Added to whitelist.

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