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Request for Xenochimera please
BYOND Username: Babypop

Discord ID: Babypop#5648

Race whitelisting for: Xenochimera


What do you know of their mechanics?: I understand that I may have to remove Evangeline from Security to prevent injuries that lead to her going feral, I understand that resleeving is not doable but protein injections or raw meat can be used to heal or revive them

What do you know of their lore?: Xenochimera's are not one living thing they are a symbiotic colony

What idea did you have for your character?: I want to change Evangeline the Deathclaw from custom race to xenochimera
This application is very bare bones and does not demonstrate you understand the species' mechanics and background. Additionally, you will need to provide further information on how you plan to play this character as certain xenochimera mechanics may be misinterpreted in a way which suggest freedom to ignore certain server rules.

Denied pending revision.

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