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AtlanteanCaptain's Job Whitelist
BYOND Username: AtlanteanCaptain

Discord ID: AtlanteanConquistador#7226

How long have you played on CHOMPstation?: I started playing in early 2019 but took a long several months-long, (Maybe year-long) hiatus. I came back in August of 2020

About how long have you been playing SS13 in general? Which servers have you played on?: I've been playing for seven years. I've played on Virgo, Citadel, Paradise
Colonial Marines, Terra Gov Marines, Skyrat, SCP13 (now dead), Grimdark 13, Halostation13, CEV Eris, Lifeweb, IS12 and its warfare variant, Lebansarum, Fortuna 13
FTL 13 (now dead),  Bad Deathclaw (now dead I think), Sojourn, Deadspace 13, and Vesta of Orion (now dead), and brief visits to a few others.

How do you quit the round and free up your job slot if you can't get to cryo or the gateway? Ghost and use the Quit the Server verb to open the slot for others, if possible return gear and body to a place they are likely to be found.

Heads of Staff:
-While playing Colony Director, what regulations are you to follow and enforce on the crew? The Priority as CD is S.O.P. . Corp Regs should be followed but their enforcement should be delegated to
Security with the only exemption of urgent emergencies where there is no security personnel, it is better form to fax for security, barring extreme circumstances where immediate action is required.

-While playing any head of staff, are you allowed to carry guns on your person? Heads of staff are only entitled to the weapons that can be found in their starting locker, and officers, which often include guns.
Exemptions include a HOP acting as Director due to a Director being absent, the HOP may have additional weapons (although this is discouraged)
The research Director naturally has the same privilege as the rest of the Science crew in carrying weapons within the walls of the Research department, for Research purposes only.
The Colony Director is recommended to always be armed, but may only be armed with one weapon, aside from their Locker weaponry
The Head of Security within the brig may carry any non-explosive weapons. Outside the brig, they may carry weapons that are small enough to fit in a backpack (IE. not rifles, or shotguns) And is recommend to always be armed

-You are the current Chief of Engineering, what are the regulations on ‘Full-station hull shields’? They are permitted to be installed preemptively so long as they do not interfere with the Station's power

-As the current Chief Medical Officer, your patient is refusing treatment. What should you do, All I can do is encourage the treatment, but otherwise  be sure the patient understands, the benefits, risks, alternatives, and consequences for refusing treatment (from the affliction they are suffering, no outside penalties may be inflicted of course)
If the Affliction is mental then the patient is entitled to an addendum to their medical records to settle consent if they should become incapable of making rational decisions in the future

Warden/Head of Security:

-As the current Warden on station, what is your main responsibility? Overseeing the Brig, and its functions, chiefly the management of prisoners, and ensuring their processing, imprisonment,
and discharge are done properly and not abusive, this includes paperwork (specifically updating records and arrest status). The second is the distribution of weapons to standard officers as required by the situation and allowed by S.O.P.

-Station has been set to ‘code blue’, what level of gear are you allowed to handout and to whom? Energy Weapons, and Laser guns for Weaponry, and Riot armor and shields for armor. This is equipment for Security personnel.

-What is the first thing one should do when confronting a suspect of a low level crime? Inform the suspect of the crime they are accused of and then present their options. Either a fine,
(if applicable), or arrest. If they are arrested they should be informed about their right to IAA representation. Handcuffs are not required if the suspect is compliant.

-You find the Head of Personnel within the armory, how does one engage this situation. The Head of Personnel is exempt from the Shoot to kill policy of intruders in the armory but is still not permitted inside. They must be asked to leave,
and the reason for the intrusion question. If the response is not reasonable they are subject to arrest.

-You are currently playing as a borg and your laws are changed to harm crew and the station. How do you respond? Ahelp the laws, and discuss with admins the best way to handle the situation,
if Admins approve follow the laws in a way that will still be engaging or entertaining to players

-As a borg on station, what rules should you always follow in public? The Borg's given, default, or AI Synched laws, unless The Previous question is in play. Borgs are toasters, A toaster does not question its owners.

-You logged in as an AI, are you considered a "Head of Staff"? You are not. The AI is a very expensive toaster, Toasters are not leaders.

-As the current AI on station, you suddenly gain a law during an "Ion storm". What do you do? Follow the Law, It's part of the game, of course, I will attempt to do in the most entertaining and avoid causing misery (oocly) A Toaster does not know when it is broken.

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