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Vitoras - Protean Application
BYOND Username: Vitoras

Discord ID: Vitoras

Race whitelisting for: Protean


What do you know of their mechanics?: Welp, to be fair - there is a whole bunch to cover. First of all - they are capable of shapeshifting(which is very cool, to be honest). Then we have their blob form plus the ability to consume metal to restore their health (and also limbs if required).

What do you know of their lore?: Not like I can tell much here - protean's lore has yet to be established here. But basically - they are a bunch of nanomachines (aka grey goo) capable of multiple things, varying from mild appearance changing to having no issue with melting whole sheets of metal in order to restore own condition.

What idea did you have for your character?: My character is supposed to be a weird, obviously eccentric woman who finds her current capabilities as the means of messing with others in multiple ways(from simple mischief to obvious lewd advances) while still keeping up the mask of a serious person when required. Otherwise - how would've she gotten nanite-based chassis, huh? 

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