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Tselkie - Xenochimera Application
BYOND Username: Chelkie

Discord ID:  Tselkie#8579

Race whitelisting for: Xenochimera


What do you know of their mechanics?:

I know that Xenochimera have an intrinsic feral trait, that can be triggered through several means, lack of food or injury being the most prominent, but sheer stress alone can also invoke this too. A feral chimera will resort to an almost beastlight state, your typical fight or flight response depending on what the trigger was (hungry - go hunt, for instance - injured? flee somewhere safer). Chimera that are in a feral state will naturally prefer quiet, dark places, less of a strain on their own senses and often the best place to steal a quick meal. This often means they're going to head for the maintenance tunnels, away from the bright lighting and electronic Whirrrs of all the machinery and computers.

They're not a fan of the cold which makes trips to Sif a challenge slowing them down and stressing them, and they're also prone to hallucinations.

From a roleplay perspective, this needs to strike a careful balance between the proactive 'predatory' play and flee, so as to not just become a feral antag (but still pose some fun for Security, or whomever is daring enough to try to get them to calm down).

They also have the ability to morph, based on what they've eaten, and it's a incubation process to shift which can take between 10 and 15 minutes, more or less depending on how well fed they are. During this time they're actually immune to decompression in space, up until they wake up, but as soon as htey do they suffer from decompression akin to a typical human would, including organ damage.

What do you know of their lore?:

They're not so m uch a single organism, but a colony of different organisms all collectively functioning as a singular being. The Xenochimera, as per their name, survive and adapt by procuring traits and genes from other species, this is a powerful tool as it allows them to thrive in any environment that supports life, but has the drawback of every one being so utterly unique that there's no hope of reproducing them if they are destroyed utterly, through cloning, sleeving or any other medical method. More powerful and advanced hardware might be able to reconstitute the organism, perhaps through a prior donation of cellular colelctions, just not on station. Even two chimera who've abosrbed the same sequence of animals will still be entirely difeernt due to the variations in the animals and a whole chaos of other factors.

Death isn't quite the end for a chimera, for they can be revived, either with an injection or ingetsion of protein to kickstart the process. A sufficiently well fed, but wounded chimera can regenerate on their own, this is pretty messy (they effectively explode).

that's their intrinsic traits, but chimera are capable of stealing traits from others - again, every chimera is unique.

Their very nature is an enigma, nobody knows where they came from,  nor can really pin down quite what they are. They're a curiosity to xenibiologists due to how unique they are, and naturally they are a cause for concern amongst security (against rampaging ferals) and medical (how to treat them and calm them down for proper patient care).

What idea did you have for your character?:

My idea is for a wilderness survival type character, one who is exceedingly proficient in mining through their physical attributes and medical fields, with their ability to literally absorb the biology of other races, it's not too hard to think how one could be so intricately familiar even if their medical background as far as typical schooling is somewhat shady at best.

The fun in this character will be centrered around a balance of risk averse gameplay (don't want to set those triggers off) against necessity (have to get those materials for the benefit of the station, or get to that casualty to stabilise them even at risk to themselves). Whilst also being a role that isn't going to be drastically detrimental to other players if it's paused (a miner going feral will still leave some usable materials to find, a paramedic might leave a casualty, but they can still be rescued, as opposed to say, a surgeon who leaves a trail of patients in the medbay because nobody is qualified to care for them).

Ultimately, NT is a business, they wouldn't engage a risk on the station if it didn't make business sense, sure there's a moral hazard in letting a potentially hazardous chimera about at the crews expense.. but if they're good enough at what they do to justify that? and likely with NT stiffing them on the pay in exchange, they'd all be for it.

from a player persepctive, pairing up to go out is something I always have enjoyed, so buddying up to do the heavy lifting, or forming part of small search and rescue ops is something I'm looking forward to doing with this character, what else? who knows. that's the fun of RP.

with the morphing aspect, I enjoy people being close, but not entirely comfortable around them. As a heavily pred leaning character, this is the sort of environment I thrive in and tends to give the most fulfilling plays from playmates feedback. So seeing them each time with a new part, perhaps being less than eager to explain how they aquired it whilst still maintaining friendly relations gives plenty of chance to come up with fun scenes.

As for looks, I want to start out with something distinctly vulpine in nature, fix wintery coats good for sheltering the cold, big ears for hearing things in the mines or out in the snow, but from there I want to have a character that adapts based on scenes, this 'play things as they go' is something i've recently started to enjoy and is pretty much at the heart of the species in itself.

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