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BYOND Username: MagpieMayhem

Discord ID:The Immovable Maid#5247

I play Phoebe and Bakpak'friend mostly, I also have a vox chara

Race whitelisting for: Xenochimera


What do you know of their mechanics?: they can't be resleaved when they die but injecting them with protine allows them to reform. They can also enter a stasis when in trouble to regenerate their form if they have the energy. they also hatch from their own skin which causes gore to be sprayed everywhere, and can change their appearance a bit when they grow a new body. Cold temps will make them slow and stressed out, and they can survive the vaccume of space if they go into stasis. They also hate being alone and can hallucinate because of it.

What do you know of their lore?: I Asked people on the server stuff and I also read over the wiki a few times 
- They are composed of many microrganisms that form one body, sorta like 'the thing' if you've seen that movie
-they consume their prey a bit like a flesh eating bacteria rather than a traditional digestive system but can have one if they form it
-they don't really have a true known origin
-they can go feral (i understand this is not a excuse to go hostile on crew) but can be brought back if given what they lack, if they are hungry or damaged and given time to heal or food..
- when they go feral they tend to run to dark places to hide
they can mimic the appearance of things they consume
they reproduce by killing and infecting a host, or they can break off part of themselves
I was also given this in the discord : 
[font=Whitney, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]xenochimera is a swarm of microorganisms working together to form a body. They start as a small colony, and the grow as they hunt bigger and bigger things, eventually gaining intelligence and sentience as well when they manage to eat something like a person. They can extract DNA from a creature they consume and are able to recreate some of the body part, which benefit them in survival. But they do not have a proper DNA of their own, which makes it impossible for them to resleeve. Instead, when "killed", they kind of fall apart and need protein to fully regenerate. Another of their core mechanics is ferality, which is caused by hunger, pain or stress. In this state, they act like a wild animal, either hunting for food, if the state is triggered by hunger, or they panic and just try to run away and avoid anyone.[/font]
What idea did you have for your character?:

I was thinking of doing a dog shark hybrid, having consumed canine biomas and shark maybe they look something like that, and name them Guppy, I was thinking of playing as them in mining since that is the most efficient job i can do. I was also told by a friend, that with pain as a trigger it be a common occurance and that the mine being dark would post cool challanges to survive with or even being found by crew. To make this less of an issue i could give them a high pain tollerance, as well use more run away tactics for mobs so it doesnt become a constant issue, or stick with someone so people have an eye on the critter. As for a backstory i was thinking of them coming from the same planet as Akula, after they had been split off from their original colony, ended up living with some space faring folk who did mining for a living and learned how to do so as a trade to get money and food, they had to hide their true nature for a long time only for it to come out when an incident happened and they were chased off, leaning that NT doesnt much care who they employ they decided to try to get a job at the station. From the rigors of working in dangerous enviornments they have developed a addiction to pain medication to keep the ferality and instinct in check, they also often carry around alot of food, because they worry about one day going feral around the friends they had made on the station. Working in the mines is a good way to keep people close but also at an arms length. The character is fairly good at mining, often bringing in large hauls, so they are worth keeping around to NT who doesnt mind the minor incidents if they are bringing in money.
I was thinking of maybe a shark dog looking hybridization in their appearance.

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