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Bluewolf128 - Ban Appeal
BYOND Name: Bluewolf128 

Reason Banned: Self Antagging/Over-Escalation

Date of ban: 02/08/2021

Admin who banned: Cyrelius

Length Banned: Permaban

Appeal Reason:

My initial hopes for this server was to have a great time and be a positive contribution, however I absolutely let myself down. The past few weeks have provided me time to reflect on how both selfish and thoughtless I acted in both incidents which led to my ban. In the first incident I allowed mischief to grow into outright disruptive and undeserved behavior, failing to consider how the people on the receiving end of such nonsense felt. In the second incident I played in a state I shouldn't have (exhausted from insomnia), thus in turn causing me to make silly assumptions about peoples actions and mechanics which resulted in me unfairly round removing someone. I am deeply sorry for the stress and aggravation created from both incidents - player or staff. The sum of these gratuitous incidents combined with the  staff response has forced not only to appreciate the severity of it them, but think of how best to avoid this in the future.

The steps I am going to take to avoid a repeat of these prior incidents:

1. Force myself to think about the consequences of my actions, particularly for dangerous or escalating ones: This sounds simple but it can be awfully easy to make assumptions at how people will take X or, how Y will be perceived, the consequences potentially unfolding near instantly. This whole situation should be  firm encouragement as to what happens if I don't try to do this.

2. Avoid playing sleep deprived: Again it sounds simple but alot of the second incident stemmed from frightfully bad judgment due to exhaustion. If I am daring to play tired then #1 becomes even more important too.

3. Ahelp accidents and ambiguity: For the former, it's better to recognize a mistake and quickly work to ensure it does not unduly ruin someone else's round. For the latter, it's better to clear up a sensitive but ambiguous action first then commit to it and have it screw over people. If staff aren't available then it becomes a case of #1 again and a cautious approach.

I fully recognize that none of this entitles me to come back, however I think it's important I illustrate what I think will result in (dramatically) better behavior. If there is any critique or concerns not highlighted you think are relevant, then please bring them up too. All in all I know I can do better, I know now how I can do better, and I know that this community deserves better. I want to share in enjoyable experiences here and let this whole affair be a poor start rapidly improved upon.

Note: For the first incident I apologized to Westfire for the utter inconvenience inflicted upon him. For the second I apologized to Chel and Tally. These actions were absolutely the right thing to do regardless of future outcome here.

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