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SilencedMP5A5's EM application
BYOND Name: SilencedMP5A5

Discord Name: Przyjaciel#1997

What role you are applying for: EM

Why do you wish to be in the position you choose?:

want to run events and stuff. also, when I'm on, it's usually dead shift hours, and (i assume) a lot of prayers and spice requests go unnoticed due to 0 staff being around. I'm also very familiar with VV and game mechanics, 'n sometimes guide mango through stuff he doesn't know how to do with VV

How long have you played on the server for?:
(from discord)
Serdy — 05/15/2017

Have you ever been banned, warned, or otherwise reprimanded by admins? If so, why?

if i did, i don't remember.

Have you ever been banned, warned, or otherwise reprimanded by admins on another server? If so, why?

yeah, on cm, in like, 2016, i got temp banned once without warning for end of round grief because i misclicked and shot my gun-- and the bullet hit someone nearly 3 screens away from me, past multiple obstructions.

Have you ever been staff on another server? If yes, how long?

i was staff on citadel from 2015-2017ish, staff on aeiou/Eclipse in 2018, and I am currently staff on TGMC, since 2020.

What do you want to gain from being staff?

I just wanna be able to run some event ideas i've been sitting on, help out during events, and spice stuff up once in a while, pretty typical EM stuff. 

How do you see yourself in the future of the server?

i play here mainly to vibe, be vorny, and sometimes be horny. don't think that's gonna change anytime soon tbh.

What do you want to offer to the community?

creativity, i guess? quality entertainment has always been something i've been ok at. ..and maybe a guiding hand where needed, i see lots of new folk around. i've been around for ages myself, this game is an addiction that i've had since 2014. 

What times are you most active? Please include your time zone as we'd like to cover schedule gaps if possible.

full disclosure, my sleep schedule is completely random at times. i'm usually either woke at typical america times or woke at typical euro times. however, my timezone is US eastern standard (EST)

If you have been a game host in the past, how good have you been at improvising? This doesn’t need to be ss13 and could involve examples such as being a Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master.

well, i used to run a few d&d-ish freestyle group roleplays in various settings yeeeeears ago, some of which went on for years, 'n could easily constitute a fucking novel in length.

This is the most stressful position in the staff team; how well do you handle negative community feedback?

i'm a tgmc admin, so, it's nothing i'm not used to. doesn't bother me much, 'n if it's a mistake i made, i own up to it. if it's not, well, listen anyway.

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