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Verkister Dev application



Discord Name:

What role you are applying for:

Why do you wish to be in the position you choose?:
I feel a need to be back on my BS after quitting my dev run on virgo and taking my break. Also I'm pretty good at dev stuff and got the deadest hours covered for late night troubleshooting, assistance, and other shenanigans.

How long have you played on the server for?:
A few months actively. Occasional visits before complete migration but I never really counted the time on those.

Have you ever been banned, warned, or otherwise reprimanded by admins? If so, why?

Have you ever been banned, warned, or otherwise reprimanded by admins on another server? If so, why?
As a staff member, called out head staff for misconduct, clique behavior, bad decisions, and lack of transparency after a poorly handled incident that drove away several of my friends from the server. Other than that, nothing, aside from a stern but relatively well handled lecture after implementing purposefully vague alternative use for an existing ingame asset that out-of-context looked messy without explicitly declaring its obvious visual resemblance to p**p in a less innocent context.

Have you ever been staff on another server? If yes, how long?
Old Citadel and Virgo, both some years and long enough to become a dev and eventually burn out after a significant community shift having turned the place into something that no longer resembled what I had joined the servers for.

What do you want to gain from being staff?
Ability to fix things when nobody else is around to fix it. Also the ability to spice up the slow more or less unstaffed rounds that make up most of my active playtime.

How do you see yourself in the future of the server?
Back on my BS and hopefully this time with less burnout.

What do you want to offer to the community?
My dev skills and available staff assistance during the snoozy hours.

What times are you most active? Please include your time zone as we'd like to cover schedule gaps if possible.
Europe time zone, GMT+2 or +3, about 10 hours ahead of US times. Currently unemployed with all day free more or less.


What expertise can you offer to the staff team (e.g. mapping, coding, etc.)?
Yes. Details below.

Can you show any examples of your work (github PR’s count)?
I approve

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