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Smeetreaper ban appeal
BYOND Name: smeetreaper

Reason Banned:metacomming/harassment/antagonistic behavior

Date of ban:2/25/2021

Admin who banned:Numberzero

Length Banned:permanent

Appeal Reason: I never used OOC communication with my shadekin partner and was never harassing zheri me and them only wanted to cuddle the bird as we did not understand why they hated shadekin so much and i do not know exactly what i was doing that was antagonistic as a shadekin me and angela were just playing as two shadekin mates who decided to visit the station and try to make some friends learn some things and maybe have some fun with the crew as well as together in private the supposed coordinated actions you speak of were just pure coincidence nothing more. if i was somehow doing antagonistic behavior i do apologize as i didn't know that was considered that as that was my first times actually playing as a shadekin

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Smeetreaper ban appeal - by smeetreaper - 02-25-2021, 09:30 PM
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