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Shadekin Application - Django1009 - 02-28-2024

BYOND Username (Ckey): realityisanything54321

Discord Username/ID: Django1009 (thehonker.)

How long have you been a member of CHOMPStation13: 1 year, on and off

Shadekin Character

What is this character's backstory? Alternatively, list out the idea you had for your character: This character, who will be named "Sixfive Biblio" Is a shadekin who willingly participated in a series of tests for various companies, usually having to escape due to the company wanting to own them. Because of constant experimentation, their body has been enhanced by real-space technology, including some very advanced prosthetics. After realizing that maybe being tested on was a bit dangerous, they decided to become a scientist themselves. Sadly, not many places would accept them, but now they have found a new place to call home...

Why do you want to play this species?: The racial abilities will be fun to rp with, and the backstory of this particular character fits the species well.

What will this character bring to the station's roleplaying environment?: A very chatty and friendly scientist who loves to learn and discover.

How will the species influence the way you roleplay this character?: It will make me act a bit more erratic, and start some creative talking points to kickstart off an rp.

Shadekin Lore

Shadekins are very prone to change by their ability to adapt, but what is the most noticeable change that can happen on one? Size makes a big difference.

Shadekins have a very unique ability to phase, but what are the limiting factors that prevent them from using it? You cannot come out in front of people, or else you are weakened.

In general, shadekins take pride and respect in their names, but what, who, and how do they get a name? Their first name is made by the people they are around, usually human/solan in nature. Then of course the last name is based on what they specialize in. For example, my character's last name is "Biblio" as in Bibliography. This infers that this shadekin is a smart one, perhaps a researcher or inventor.

Shadekin Mechanics

What abilities does a shadekin have in their kit? The ability to heal in the dark, create a hole to their hideout, form a circle of shade, heal others, phase out of reality, and back in, and communicate to eachother over long distances.

Mechanically, what do different eye colors do on a shadekin? Affect 3 stats, health, energy in light, and energy in dark. With more yellow eyes being weaker in health, while having more energy altogether, and more red eyes having more health, but less energy in light. Blue are much better in light, and worse in dark.

What effects does light do on a shadekin? Light can cause minor discomfort and slight degradation of power. How harmful are station lights to a shadekin? Very minorly dangerous, but will usually just be IC discomfort. Is it acceptable for a shadekin to turn off or break station lights? No. Not at all.

(Please tell me if anything is misspelled or missing. I will put it in after I post)