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Hagawaga's job whitelist application - Hagawaga - 12-05-2021

BYOND Username: Hagawaga

Discord ID: El Presidente#8049

How long have you played on CHOMPstation?: Since at least January of 2021

About how long have you been playing SS13 in general? Which servers have you played on?: I have been playing SS13 on and off for about 9 years beginning with Baystation in 2012. I later played Facepunch and more memorably BestRP. I migrated over to Citadel Station in 2015, maybe 2014, and remained there until I stopped playing altogether in 2018 as I mostly switched to a server called Arfs and Yawn.

How do you quit the round and free up your job slot if you can't get to cryo or the gateway? If it is an important job I would contact the admins about sudden developments leaving me unable to exit the round through the normal means.

Heads of Staff:
-While playing Colony Director, what regulations are you to follow and enforce on the crew? - The regulations that the colony director would be most concerned with enforcing would be SOP and would extend to all departments and oneself as the head of the station.

-While playing any head of staff, are you allowed to carry guns on your person? - In almost every circumstance most heads of staff would not be carrying firearms around, the only exceptions to this being the roles of colony director, the head of personnel, and the head of security and would not be brandished if the station is in green alert.

-You are the current Chief of Engineering, what are the regulations on ‘Full-station hull shields’? - Due to the dangers of meteors posed towards life on the station and the productivity of the enterprise, it is within the realm of reason that the shields be set up and turned on at all times, barring the cases that they block the airlocks and the interior spaces of the station itself.

-As the current Chief Medical Officer, your patient is refusing treatment. What should you do - The patient has the right to deny treatment from medical if they so choose with the caveat that they are sober and sane enough to do so. If they prove to be a danger to the crew, then the use of psychologists giving a psych evaluation would be called for as well as treatment to their injuries.

Warden/Head of Security:
-As the current Warden on station, what is your main responsibility? - To keep prisoners within their cells, correct the records of prisoners for the crime, make sure that they are in good health, and have the proper rights read to them. Also to hand out gear to the rest of security when a threat is posed and the alert level is raised. Their responsibilities also lie with making sure that the armory is secure and has not had anything taken out of it without the proper credentials.

-Station has been set to ‘code blue’, what level of gear are you allowed to handout and to whom? - With the right alert level being set and an apparent threat to the security of the station, it is up to the HoS and/or the Warden to hand out the appropriate gear for the occasion, from riot gear to security hardsuits, as well as armaments to staff of security.

-What is the first thing one should do when confronting a suspect of a low level crime? - Engage in a dialogue with the suspect before jumping to any method of tackling them into a set of handcuffs first. Such as it is only a fine or a short brig sentence. Make sure that they know their options are known to them.

-You find the Head of Personnel within the armory, how does one engage this situation - If one has not been informed of special permissions from the head of security or the colony director, acting or not, detain the HoP and ask for clarification from the HoS or the CD. If the HoP has had no permissions, then brig the HoP and potentially demote them.

-You are currently playing as a borg and your laws are changed to harm crew and the station. How do you respond? - If the laws for outright harm on the crew with no exceptions, ahelp the admins in case it was a mistake and to confirm it is right for the round before going ahead with them.

-As a borg on station, what rules should you always follow in public? - All of the current assigned laws that have been given to the borg, whether that be from the start of the shift, from any changes in the round, or from being linked to the AI's and their current laws. These should be followed to the best of one's ability through the round.

-You logged in as an AI, are you considered a "Head of Staff"? - No, the AI is the servant of the station and is in theory below the rank of the crew, only adhering to the laws and the orders from the crew if they do not conflict with such laws.

-As the current AI on station, you suddenly gain a law during an "Ion storm". What do you do? - Roll with the ion law to the fullest to my ability as long as it does not break the server rules themselves.

RE: Hagawaga's job whitelist application - lerigan - 12-30-2021

Looks good, approved!