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Spoopylizz Warden application - Spoopylizz - 08-24-2021

BYOND Username: Spoopylizz

Discord ID: Spoopylizz#6194

How long have you played on CHOMPstation?: 
Probably for a year now, maybe longer.

About how long have you been playing SS13 in general? Which servers have you played on?: 

If I remember correctly, I've been playing since 2015, maybe longer than that. Most of the time spent playing was on TG station, where things are naturally a bit more hectic.

How do you quit the round and free up your job slot if you can't get to cryo or the gateway? 
Wait until I can if possible, and if not, inform an admin through AHelp.

Warden/Head of Security:
-As the current Warden on station, what is your main responsibility?

Making sure the armory is secure and stocked, making sure prisoners aren't being treated too roughly, updating their records, filing weapon request paperworks, checking cameras, making sure the brig itself is secure. I've played plenty of Warden before, but mostly on a LRP environment.
Most of all though, unless there's nothing going on, the warden stays. in. the. brig. As a security officer on said LRP servers I've had to cooperate with other sec officers to boot wardens that didn't stay in the brig from the job lol

-Station has been set to ‘code blue’, what level of gear are you allowed to handout and to whom?

Things like disablers and other less-than-lethal equipment to security officers, I presume, if given the HOS' permission if there is one.

-What is the first thing one should do when confronting a suspect of a low level crime?

I don't quite understand this question. Is this from the warden's point of view? If so, I should update their records, and oversee them being processed so they don't end up with a ludicrously high timer for something as banal as graffitying some place.

-You find the Head of Personnel within the armory, how does one engage this situation

I'll helpfully remind them that I'm in charge of what comes in and out of the armory. If they don't listen, I'd try to get the captain or an IAA to help them remind. If all that doesn't cut it still I'd probably ahelp, but only as a last resort, since the warden's in charge of the armory and all that.

RE: Spoopylizz Warden application - lerigan - 08-28-2021

When applying for a whitelisted position, we need you to answer all the questions, even if you are applying just for a single role.

RE: Spoopylizz Warden application - Razgriz - 10-06-2021

Sent a DM reminder.