Full Version: Smeetreaper ban appeal update
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BYOND Name: Smeetreaper

Reason Banned:
-Borderline Antagonistic behaviors on station.
-Assaulting players on station.
-Disturbing players scenes on station.
-Harassing players on the Discord channels.
-Belligerence towards the staff team.

Date of ban:2 years ago

Admin who banned: Old Management

Length Banned: permanent

Appeal Reason:i am sorry for my past actions tho i may not remember them clearly as it has been 2 years. I understand i was in the wrong and would like to come back to the community and try again. I apologize to any staff who may remain from back then for how i acted,and i apologize for any antagonistic actions and assaults i committed on the station community,and discord community as well as those i harassed.
User has been banned again for metacomming and harassment. They have a long list of notes detailing harassment and antagonistic behaviors and were caught metacomming and continuing harassment during their time as a shadekin. This is a permanent ban and cannot be repealed ever again.