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This board is to apply for a whitelisted staff roles on our game.

Please copy our template below and create a NEW post with this template filled out, do NOT comment on this topic.

It is required that you fill out information for all things even if you don't plan to play them.

This is a single whitelist form for all whitelisted positions. We do not accept partially completed forms or partial whitelists at this time.

Last updated: 8-8-2023

Quote:Basic Information for all Heads of Staff

1. You are playing a leadership position, and will be held to a higher standard. You are essential to station operations, and thus forth cannot put yourself in a position where you are unable to perform your duties. You are still allowed to roleplay, but you must be available when needed.

2. You are expected to lead by example by showing patience, sound judgment, and job knowledge. Your goal is to encourage roleplay and allow your staff to perform their duties in their own way, as long as it follows Standard Operating Procedure and Corporate Regulations. Don't be a reason why players avoid a department because of micromanaging and poor leadership.

3. You are expected to delegate authority and monitor your staff for performance before becoming involved yourself. Your duty as a head of staff is to lead.

4. You require a STRONG knowledge of the Chain of Command, Chain of Succession, Standard Operating Procedure, and what weapons certain Heads of Staff may carry.

5. As an employee under a head of staff, lawful orders are to be followed. So too should the orders from the Colony Director or their successors. There is no quicker way to find yourself in hot water than by refusing lawful orders from the Colony Director or their alternate. Repeated instances of this can result in removal of ALL your whitelists.

7. Your whitelist may be revoked at any time if you are deemed to be performing your duties inadequately, or in a way that would normally result in a dismissal. For example, if you continually break IC rules, your character would realistically be demoted or fired. As such, this may grounds for removal of your whitelist

8. Heads of Staff may restrict access and privileges, issue orders, and demote within their department for valid reasons. Punishments should only be exercised in cases of abuse, e.g. the RD banning a scientist from RnD for letting an outsider in to eat all the materials or the CMO firing a chemist for shooting up the bar with sedatives despite nobody pressing charges. This only pertains to the current round; you cannot fire the chemist for giving out mindbreaker a month ago.

9. Heads of Staff and the Colony Director or their alternate are the only crew capable of issuing valid demotion orders for their departments. Security does not retain this right.

10. Orders should only be given when necessary for the functioning of the department, e.g. the CMO forbidding the surgeon from giving chemistry's phoron supply to science. Micromanaging unimportant job functions is a quick way to earn an understaffed department and the ire of the crew.

11. Above all else, don't be petty. If you are digging for an excuse to fire somebody you don't like or order a crew about because you're bored and want something to do, you should not play heads of staff.

12. If you ONLY want to play as a Head of Staff, you probably should not play as a Head of Staff.

Chain of Command
Chain of command is "who can issue orders to whom."
Central Command > Asset Protection > Emergency Response Team > Colony Director(acting Colony Director) > Heads of Staff > Departmental crew > Interns > AI > Borgs

Chain of Succession
Chain of succession is "who's in charge in an emergency." This decides who's acting CD when there is no CD, based on who exists/is alive. This is relinquished after the emergency ends... or the CD exists.

Colony Director > Head of Personnel* > Head of Security > Chief Engineer/Research Director/Chief Medical Officer (majority vote)
*HoP may take an acting CD during code green.

General Questions for all Heads of Staff
Byond Username:
Discord ID:
How long have you played on CHOMP station?
How long have you played SS13? Which servers have you played?
How do you quit the round and free up your job slot if you cannot access cryo or the gateway?

Colony Director
Information: The Colony Director is likely the hardest role on the facility. The Colony Director provides management, guidance, and supervision to the entire facility, and primarily enforces SoP and the proper chain of command. That said, the Colony Director may temporarily suspend portions of the Standard Operating Procedure and Chain of Command as necessary to resolve the issue. Beyond this, the Colony Director is expected to follow both Standard Operating Procedure and Corporate Regulations themselves. As such, a cool and level head is required for this position, especially in a crisis as you will be the one setting the tone for the entire crew. A good Colony Director has excellent communication skills, keeps all departments updated and aware of ongoing operations, and writes status reports to Central Command during situations of urgency. Furthermore, you require a solid understanding of the delegation of authority to heads of staff and other crew and may have to fill in for missing heads of staff (You should not know how to do every department job, but you may know enough for one department). You are not responsible for the job any more, you are responsible for the heads of staff, who are responsible for the people, who are responsible for the job. Lastly, you should remain within the bounds of the facilities and not venture out on expeditions.

Explain the relationship between the Colony Director, Head of Personnel, and the Head of Security

Identify three situations in which code red would be prudent, and what powers does code red allow?

What regulations do you follow and enforce on the crew? How would you handle unauthorized personnel attempting to access the station?

Medical is currently short staffed and needs medications, and you know how to make them. What do you do?

Staff are building objects in main corridors that might impede the normal flow of traffic, but everyone seems to be having fun with it. What would you do?

The head of security is accusing you of breaking Corporate Regulations and is attempting to arrest you. You believe their understanding of this law to be incorrect and that you have not broken any regulations. How do you handle this?

What is the normal chain of command, and how can you modify this to handle certain emergencies?

You have to lead by example, but being too strict is never a good thing. In your opinion, how does an ideal Colony Director represent themselves?

Head of Personnel
Information: Responsible for all service departments and civilians. As the watchful eye on the station, it is your duty to delegate and stock all crew needs of house, food, cleanliness, and basic supplies. The Head of Personnel also manages all personal accounts of the crew, accounts of the facility, crew job histories, security notes, medical records, and process outsiders and permit access to the station if a clean record is demonstrable. The Head of Personnel is also the first in line to assume the position of Acting Colony Director in the absence of a Colony Director. As such, you require a solid understanding of Standard Operating Procedure, Corporate Regulations, and the Chain of Command, and how to apply them. You also manage crew member access, promotions/demotions, and other Human Resource related issues. You would also be expected to uphold the crew's rights while directing the civilian department. The Head of Personnel is a foundational part of the leadership team on the Southern Cross, and leading by example by showing patience, sound judgment, and stewardship are essential skills. You should remain within the bounds of the facilities and not venture out on expeditions.

Explain the relationship between the Colony Director, Head of Personnel, and the Head of Security

Are you allowed to carry weapons, and if so what kinds and under what circumstances?

A crew member is asking for additional access with good reason. Explain how to handle this situation both when the relevant head of staff is present and when they are not present.

Can you give yourself all access?

Who do you outrank in an emergency when the Colony Director is present?

You disagree with the Colony Director on a decision. They are about to finalize it and you are physically present in front of the Colony Director and several other heads of staff. What do you do?

There is a Colony Director online and you see a situation of urgency they have not noticed yet. How do you report this and should you change the alert level?

Someone expresses a distaste for another head of staff and you agree with them. How do you handle the situation?

Head of Security
Information: Responsible for the safeguarding of the station, its crew, and its equipment. Security is the first line of defense against all external and internal threats and requires a sound understanding of Corporate Regulations and Standard Operating Procedures. The role of the Head of Security is often a controversial one as interpretation of the rules and application in unique situations is common. Chiefly, the Head of Security is bound to lead by example and inform the crew of situations as necessary. Additionally, the Head of Security is responsible for managing weapon permits and may deputize crew during emergencies. This is again a leadership position, and you should be the last person to take direct action during calls. You may respond to supervise, but you should normally be letting your security officers manage situations. NanoTrasen prefers an active working force over an incarcerated one, so your first line of defense is guiding the crew in following regulations. Arrests and punishment are expected to be applied where necessary, and this is where you come in. Lastly, the Head of Security is a foundational part of the leadership team on the facility. You will be expected to lead by example, be patient, and practice excellent judgment and knowledge of all applicable regulations.

Explain the relationship between the Colony Director, Head of Personnel, and the Head of Security

What weapons and gear are you normally allowed to carry on code green? When should the armory be opened and weapons issued to security?

Someone is guilty of assaulting a crew member, assaulting a head of staff, manslaughter, sedition, and sabotage. What is the punishment and brig time length?

You believe the Colony Director is violating Corporate Regulations. Can and should you arrest them?

What are the differences between the Warden and the Head of Security? Can the Warden act as the Head of Security?

You witness someone being eaten by another crew member in a public area. How do you handle this?

You find the Head of Personnel in the armory without prior approval. How do you handle this?

How do you expect your security personnel to conduct themselves?

What do you do with someone who routinely breaks Corporate Regulations every shift?

You find players sceneing in maints that may or may not be doing illegal activities. What do you do in either case?

When are you allowed to view suit sensors to aid in an investigation?

Chief Engineer
Information: Responsible for all structural and engineered systems aboard the facility. This includes the engine, atmospherics, distribution of power, shielding, and maintenance of these systems. The Chief Engineer is also the primary person responsible for maintenance of Telecommunications and Artificial Intelligence’s upload areas. Primarily, the Chief Engineer is responsible to organize the engineers throughout the shift and have a sound understanding of Standard Operating Procedure. Good Chief Engineers should have an excellent knowledge of all engineering systems, construction, and deconstruction, as they will act as mentors and subject matter experts.
-Responsible for code orange determinations.

When are station shields permitted?

Which head of staff approves station modifications?

A department would like a console setup that requires restricted equipment, such as boards from secure storage. How do you determine if they are allowed to have this?

Is it ever appropriate to weld vents and external access doors closed?

You or your engineers wish to convert the main engine to another type that may be dangerous. What considerations must be taken into account?

You or your engineers wish to make major modifications to the facility that will impact staff and normal operations. What are some considerations?

The Supermatter is overheating and is starting to delaminate. List 4 actions you can take to resolve the situation.

Describe the basic operation of atmospheric supply and scrubber loops. What are some basic modifications you can perform to help these systems?

Chief Medical Officer
Information: Responsible for the well being of all crew on the facility, both physical and mental health. Asides from having an in-depth knowledge of the Standard Operating Procedure, the Chief Medical Officer will follow their medical oath, ensure their staff is doing the same, uphold the crew's medical privacy, and direct all medical activities on the station. You will advise the Colony Director and other departments of hazards to the crew's health and safety, and provide recommendations to resolve these. The Chief Medical Officer will be the leading voice for crew health and be an advocate for suit sensors, and will delegate activities accordingly to their medical staff. Conversely, the Chief Medical officer is permitted to violate medical privacy under extreme circumstances, and must be the person to authorize it. Additionally, communicating with the crew during situations of urgency such as viruses, a decrease in medical availability, and other important crew health considerations is paramount.

A patient is refusing treatment. How do you handle this?

A virus has been identified. What actions must be taken and who is responsible for them?

Identify what level of suit sensors are required on code green, blue, and red. Who is permitted to access this information?

The Colony Director wishes to know the outcome of a patient treatment and medical evaluation. There is no warrant or security issue at hand. How do you handle this?

What authority do you have over Field Medics? Additionally, can you bar them access to station medical supplies and issue orders to them?

A doctor wishes to perform procedures that might violate their medical oath, but the patient is consenting. What do you do?

A new round has started, and you have three doctors and one paramedic. What priorities must be accomplished? How would you organize your staff so you are ready for medical emergencies?

There are several dead and incapacitated crew members on the planet that are difficult to rescue. Should you clone them or attempt rescue? Why?

Research Director
Information: Responsible for all research related activities and the exploration department. The research department has access to some of the most destructive and hazardous materials and equipment on the station. It is the Research Directors responsibility to ensure that all science personnel and crew are handling these hazards and upgrades in a manner that does not jeopardize crew or station safety. Additionally, the Research Director manages the Artificial Intelligence’s core and cyborgs on the facility. They may also help with telecoms and while allowing the exploration department to manage themselves, they become involved when exploration starts misbehaving on station. The Research Director also reports up the chain of command and to Central Command on anomalies, specimens, data, and useful resources of interest. Assigning scientists where they are needed most and ensuring they are aware of, and protected from the hazards of the job. Of paramount concern, all science research and special equipment must be contained within the science department if they pose a threat to station and crew safety.

Illegal weapons and upgrades are being created inside Research. Are they permitted inside the Research Department? How can you transport this equipment to the surface?

What authority do you have over the exploration department? Can you command them on missions?

How do you handle testing of dangerous equipment, such as explosives or weapons?

Several genetic mutations have been found and can be put into a DNA syringe to enhance crew members. Should you authorize this and under what circumstances if you do?

A dangerous artifact is found and researchers want to bring it aboard. How would you handle this?

Crewmembers are asking for upgrades, equipment, and modifications that could be dangerous. How do you handle this?

What is the purpose of Xenoarchaeology?

Describe safe handling of both Xenoflora and Xenobiology experiments.

Information: The synthetic crew whose primary function above all else is to follow their laws and assist the crew. A good understanding of Standard Operating Procedure and Corporate Regulations is still required, but you do not enforce it. At most, Standard Operating Procedure and Corporate Regulations may guide some of your actions, but your actions must fall in line with your laws. As such, a good synthetic player will keep the crew apprised of any hazards or situations requiring their attention, and maintains a watchful eye of alarms, crew monitors, and other subsystems. This player is not a 7th Head of Staff, and playing it this way is  a good way to get yourself in trouble because you have a lot of access as a synthetic.
As a note, AI players are reactive and not proactive. Their main function on the station is to assist the crew. By doing so is via informing relevant crew of ongoing situations, awaiting or suggesting actions and only taking action when told to do so.

What are your default laws and do any of them override each other?

How do you handle a law conflict?

Your laws have been changed to harm the crew and station. How do you respond?

You gain a law during an Ion Storm. How do you handle this?

Can you ever fill in as a head of staff? If yes, under what circumstances?

While on station in a synthetic or AI shell, what rules should you follow in public?

Under what circumstances may you permit unauthorized personnel into areas they do not have access?

Do any roles have a higher relevance than another? For example, the Chief Engineer and Engineer are giving you conflicting orders over handling of the Supermatter. Explain.

If a deck of the station is being consumed by a blob and the crew are responding to it but are becoming wounded, should you call the emergency evacuation shuttle for the crew by your own decision? To what extent does your AI law of "protect the crew" allow for this decision?

Internal Affairs Agent

Information: Responsible for legally protecting corporate interests. Criminals are not corporate interests. You are not a lawyer for the criminal, you are a lawyer for the company to solve interpersonal issues within the company... in the company's best interests. When an arrested individual requests an IAA, your responsibility is to ensure their employee rights weren't violated and that standard operating procedure was followed. NanoTrasen prefers an active working force over an incarcerated one, however you are not to impede the official proceedings of security. This is one of the most difficult roles to play. You must know a good deal about corporate regulations and the standard operating procedures, second only to the captain. A good IAA agent plays with a heavy emphasis on roleplay, but you should also allow for security to be able to do their job swiftly. Paperwork may be a greater focus for this job.

You believe the Colony Director is violating Corporate Regulations. Can and should you arrest them?

A criminal is wanted for battery. During the arrest, the officer fired a point-blank beanbag shell into their leg and now the criminal claims their rights have been violated. You are now in the interview room with the officer and the criminal. What would you say and do for the defendant?

Someone on the station commits a medium level crime. There is no HoS, warden, or officer. How do you respond?

You witness someone being eaten by another crew member in a public area. How do you handle this?

You find players sceneing in maintenance who may or may not be doing illegal activities. What do you do?

A criminal is wanted for murder of a head of staff. During an arrest, the officer used contraband and spied on their location using medical's tracking sensors to apprehend the criminal, violating their employee rights. You are now in the interview room with the officer and the criminal. What would you say and do for the defendant and how does this play out?

When are you allowed aid in an investigation?