Full Version: Ban "Appeal"- Lets face it, it's already getting denied because of conspirators.
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Note that I will be occasionally adding more to the thread over time; regardless, I've been banned for the very reasons people even enjoyed me being around in the first place. Bit of an irony in of itself; You can't have the best of me without the worst of me, lads. Universe don't work that way.; I have done to the best of my abilities and capabilities to work within the parameters of the server; but I am being punished regardless of this; when perfection is expected of me, and knowingly not capable of doing so; Hinging on this as a reason to keep me banned would be all the more reason for me to feel validated in this; I've kept out of OOC and tried to avoid such  self-harming mannerisms; to the best of my capability; but it should be exceptionally obvious that it would eventually be broken; That's not something that could be avoided. That was an inevitability; and not within my area of control; Then I am made out to be the problem, when I am unable to keep up to expectations that were well known to not be entirely within my capabilities of doing? And this ISN'T a personal attack? This ISN'T setting me up for failure when I keep hearing conflicting things, and being constantly questioned about my actions? Everything was fine and dandy when I was just left alone to my own devices; up until the point the server got advertised again; so this is either a unilateral slap across people's faces and I'm the first to notice or be affected; or something happened, very specifically, to make people choose to have a pre-emptive grudge even before I know any of these people. Christ; I can't even fathom most of this nonsense anyway. Far beyond my level of understanding; No matter how much I try to consider the opposition; I still cannot fathom how I am anything the factual victim in this situation, I have put every effort into being within expectations; and ultimately, this was doomed to failure on that mere basis alone, simply on the basis of being a genetically and mentally inferior person. I'm obviously digging myself a deeper hole; but fuck it. I know when I've wronged others and been ejected from countless communities and this does not feel like one of the times I am the one wronging; but I cannot always be the problem like people seem to enjoy depicting. It is statistically not possible!

There is very much nothing that can be said or done; because it is clear to me that anything I have said or done in my life has meant nothing; What else can I do but simply ramble grievances upon deaf ears whom take joy in my agony. So really, even if I were to be entirely polite in this message; it would not matter nor change pre-conceived notions. I ain't beggin'. Beggin' for ten years got me nothin; And I'm still alive despite my begs to the contrary.

"If someone already doesn’t agree with you, then they’ll naturally look to sources of information that already reaffirm their worldview.

You really don't have much room to argue that a character isn't being degraded by going from "easily upset, often suicidal, chomk cultist lad with more personality and issues than brains" to "haha funny fat-tesh"

The formatting is all there and proper. I simply have a lot to say about this situation. I have no respect for the server? Jesus fucking christ; it's all I have for it, What the hell happened? You guys used to be better than this, you seemed to be cool with pretty much everything with the exception of outright griefing indiscriminately, now you don't seem any different from the rest, bent on making sure nobody has any amusement out of it whatsoever, making sure everybody is the same copy-paste bullshit cookiecutter nonsense; and much of this scorn, this ban against me is because i am not within the various BotNets like Discord (of the core company staff is managed and run by PEDOPHILES need I remind you?); or malwares like this site or Github, and you all seem content to become a carbon copy of Citadel and Virgo; two servers which many flocked here to, to escape such terrible places dictated by maniacs who would enact genocide at the drop of a hat, and none of you seem to want to listen to reason, and many of you seem to think you're above the playerbase and rules... Respect must be mutual or it is based in falsehood.

My behavior and responses today have been naught but a mirror of what I have been given; Few of you have heard of the golden rule, it seems; therefore the only response to their passive-aggression is plain aggression. It's funny, People who tell you to calm down are usually the ones rip roaring in rage... I may have violated rules; but this does not make my position, statements, or feelings on the manner any differing; or even invalidated, regardless of the area of format it is in. OOC is for discussing the game. It was used for it's intended design purpose; and years upon years of SS13 has cemented this, and the rules will not change this. You say I don't respect the server; I do, far more than many seem to comprehend that fact. But the server does not respect SS13 and it's traditions. And that's something I will take issue with; The context of the server is not an excuse; Space Station 13 is Space Station 13. For those needing a reminder or unawares; this is even mentioned by people in the server, admins included, of nanotrasen's scummyness.

So despite my violations; I still feel I am perfectly within the right, and am fully in the right of having done so- I was not respected with the same respect they demand of me; I feel as if I have been selectively groomed and then targeted for explicitly this purpose. I feel as if I am the one who has been wronged; not the server, for I have done what is within my capabilities of contribution (nothing; I cannot contribute for the world, for I am an eternally useless piece of shit)
or what is within reasonably asking; anything aside is unreasonable expectations and simply pushing somebody until they break, at which point they can use administration capabilities to flex as dominance, which happened here today. Somebody has to put their foot down and say "no, you're asking and expecting far too much, you want too much; you demand impossibilities; and then punish people when they cannot fully follow up, or speak up about it, in a perfectly valid channel;
OOC is about talking about the game; and rules will not change it's intended design function of well over a decade of tradition and code, ergo, regardless of the violations; what they say is perfectly valid, and fully within the spirit of the base being used for the server; Not only this, but you expect everybody to have the same capabilities; where they don't. OOC discussion of the game, in the OOC channel, of the game, of which it was intended to be used for; is ultimately inevitable regardless of warnings; and therefore, it and suicide within the game CANNOT BE AVOIDED BY CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS OR VETERANS OF THE TITLE, and therefore is not fair, reasonable; or even SANE to expect everybody to be able to be on the exact same footing at all times, In essence; you really were just giving them just enough rope to hang themselves."

You never had this much issue with me or even gave a shit, until you advertised on Newgrounds. So what's the gig? I have always acted like this on the server, and there has been naught but indiffrence until the wave of newbloods who do not respect SS13, or pre-existing regulars, and want them banned simply because of petty delusion of the world being a peachy-keen perfect place, or some conceited immulshun excuse so they can proceed to getting what they want like spoiled brats. Because from where I'm standing, it is virtually impossible to see myself as the one who is the problem; and my offenses are trivial at best, laughable at worst. Go ahead and see me as an asshole for the way I've worded it; Go ahead and make your mockeries on 4chan. I've already seen the face of many here, and it is deeply concerning. Gatekeeping, Stonewalling, Gaslighting, And for WHAT? A literal who? Wasted efforts; and excess, proving much to my points. If I am kept banned; then I had already won, have I not? Seeing myself die the hero instead of living to become the villain?

Naturally, of course. I expect everyone to be given the mushroom treatment (keeping people in the dark and feeding them crap) about my disappearance and a distortion of the truth, so if any of you actually enjoyed my bullshit and antics; then you'd do well to spread the full truth of my disappearance; or even more-so; not be okay with it. Paste this page to them; Let them decide for themselves. We are a community, are we not? So it should be the community's decision; not that of the few hellbent on ruining other people's day, much like anybody complaining and demanding I be banned for trivial bullshit like this. So confer this thread to anybody in an IC context looking for the lad; Even spurn in-character riots or those discovering the works and continuing the work of summoning such entity of their idolization. If you want Kurou back; then make a pretty goddamn big deal of this nonsense; or it will never occur. Not to forget what them offing themselves or being killed by wildlife or other accidents for the upteenth time (which is what happens more often, so it's clear people don't actually check before warning), may enable and entail for any given round; At least one cyborg entity had a discussion with a disgruntled, disembodied brain, which was good; and even an apperantly-subtle refrence to the Courier's Brain of FO:NV

Of course, I doubt anybody will do that. I've been exploited by quite a few on the server despite my respect for it; so I wouldn't be surprised if I was seen as expendable.

BYOND Name: Goobsev

Reason Banned: Cannot copy paste, but Self-Harm/Suicide (which doesn't harm anybody and is an entirely IC issue; and therefore is complete bullshit, especially when there are history revisionists claiming I was warned about the Suicides (False, people had no issue with the self harm/suicides and the suicides/self-harm were deemed acceptable and part of the character until announced on Newgrounds), and not just the suicide note (which is what it really was, there was no issue with me killing myself until it was advertised on Newgrounds, for whatever reason initiating the passive-aggression against me?), and "not using the proper channels" (which, let's be honest, will just get shut down and banned and warned in the same way as OOC simply because I do not agree mindlessly with everything, so what's the point?); however this is very doubtful to the true reason.; So yes, rules were broken; rules broken constantly by many in the server, and very few people give a shit about the OOC being used for it's intended and designed purpose; Discussing the game; and offing myself in-game because it is befitting the setting, circumstances, character, and by far and large better than lazily leaving the round via cryo or teleported when you can go out in delightful style; yet I'm the one picked for this? How cute...

But my Rule violations are not why I was banned; The personal feud, is. And they will continue to lie to us, to me, and to themselves, until they believe it.

Date of ban: Aug 03, 2020

Admin who banned: NUMBERZero1032

Length Banned: Three weeks, although in reality everybody knows it's permanant.

Appeal Reason: "Appealed" early because I already know it will be pre-emptively denied and would rather not deal with the beurocratic bullshit red-tape. You only harm yourselves having done this; and as much as you like to claim I don't respect the server; I wouldn't have informed others about it; or even said anything if I had no respect and didn't give a fuck about the server, even if I felt it was the improper meanings.

"But why didn't you wait the three weeks and then appeal?" - That wouldn't matter. At all.

Whence playing SS13 as long as I have, you know EVERY appeal is absolute bullshit. It is a personality contest; nothing more. And thus; as I feel the real reason of being banned is not because I would rather use the purest means of communication with the game server and it's community; I am ostracized for it? Instead of refusing to use Discord, Github, and the like, due to malware? And what good would it do? You only want this "appeal" to pander to your own ego, you wish for me to beg for an unban; but that's simply not what I do; much like I don't like to harrass administration for any reason, which is why I never A-Help for demon bullshit or anything like that. I just off myself and carry on because it's faster, easier, doesn't bother anybody but myself, and lets the administration deal with problems that actually matter, plus cryopods and teleporters are a rather lame way to leave the round; Why do you think I tend not to grab backups? Because it can provide more meaningful occasions in the round; Retrieving a corpse and reviving somebody may allow multiple individuals on the server to experience other facets of Space Station 13; so going on a little journey and maybe even finding some cool valuable crap on the way? That would enhance the round for anybody, dramatically; I'm not asking for every round to be chaos; because that is not this kind of server; however it should be acknowledged and a smidge on a case-by-case basis; it is both Tradition; and the Natural State of SS13; regardless of a vore-based server; If anything; the presence of those mechanics should be looked at and considered "Well, what if the ling was stuck forever trying to regenerate in some dumb schmuck, when it tried to disable the Cremator/Incinerator?". I'm not wasting time when I already know what the outcome will be in three weeks; denied anyway, because this was pre-planned and pre-ordained; when the administration had every intention of banning me from day one; and lead me on a path to ensure that it transpired. It is therefore better to allow this pre-scripted event to continue, so that they may trace my IP and continue to harrass me.

I very much do not feel any of my unconditional respect was mutual, or returned, in any single way; and everything I have experienced so far has been nothing more than a cover up for the orchestrations of the administration. Since they are not willing to respect anything I do; and decide I should waste three weeks of this miserable fucking thing you people call existence or life; I will appeal it now instead and get it out of the way, rather than waste time, effort or resources on an appeal that's complete horseshit just to pander people, when all it takes is a simple click; People have more than enough choice, They just don't want to; given Confirmation and Conformation biases.

Sorry tuts, I don't sugarcoat things. All respect must be mutual!
Of course, some of you think I "need help" or "have problems", But that's simply not the case. I am simply not ignorant to the functionality of the world and how people really behave.

I am certain the community will continue to be lied to and suppressed in similar manner, however. If it was not me, it would be somebody else, victim to their demands. The People should not be silenced; and when a Regular is attacked; then this does not place good precedence for the rest of the community; What's stopping anybody else from being singled out again, much as I clearly have been? Others will be harrassed and attacked in the same way; so belive me or don't, but don't say you weren't warned; I've seen an entire decade of SS13 behavior in this same vein. It is always the same story.

So scorn me, or don't. But don't put up with bullshit like today's censorship if you ever did respect or like me, have concerns about the longetivity/quality of the server, or suspect that you, too, now, are a potential target. I suspected as such when PM'd about Copper breaking into Sec; when that round where Copper was banned had every IC announcement that this would be warranted due to a threat to the station; hence why people were arming up.

As we are a COMMUNITY, it should therefore be the COMMUNITY who decides things, parameters, time, outcome, and reversal of this problem, not the cabal of a few minor elite; and not constricted and strangled to places where we will just be shut down anyway for going against what the major consensus of the masses is.

Of course, they will say it denied for other reasons; And I'm sure the majority of the community has always despised me, but was super two-faced about it all and didn't have the goddamn balls or decency to chase me away sooner; make me give a fuck before attacking me. Really funny.

Funny, If I had anything to smoke today, none of this would have happened. Oh well, I already know the ban is a mask so they can make it permanent. Especially when I am told conflicting things by administration, then get banned or harrassed for it; admins telling me to do what the admins say; then ban me and give me shit for doing exactly what they say.

Insatiable. My offenses are minor, trivial, or inconsequential at best; and not worth having the time and effort wasted on a worthless ban; Yes, I broke server rules; But I am not the only one who consistently does so; just one they have chose to "make an example of", as my complaints and words being in OOC should not make them instantly invalidated; It is the only form I will partake in willingly, for it is the truest and most pure form OF said community; and furthermore I refuse to partake in Github and Discord, for security; antiviral, personal, preferential, legal, practicality, and many, many other perfectly valid reasons that have been "LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"'d; much like countless other things I have said on the server simply because I am not part of the "Secret Club"; and get yelled at by people like Nadyr; despite doing exactly what they said.

So, say what you want, assume the worst; deny and make it permanant; But you're not different. Double standards and hypocrisy. It seems to be commonplace in humans...

Three weeks for using OOC for it's designed purpose and purely IC issues? Yeah, no, buddy; that's a clear sign of excessive and more proof of my claims; This is a personal grudge. This has nothing to do with the rules that you seem to insist I haven't read and continue to copy-paste bullshit lines to me because you never respected me, This has to do with interpersonal conflicts; and not being okay with only being seen as a disposable piece of fuckmeat
this guy has been spamming /ss13g/ and samefagging arguments with himself on the daily for at least eight months now, just perma him and save yourself the trouble
(08-04-2020, 12:12 AM)someanon Wrote: [ -> ]this guy has been spamming /ss13g/ and samefagging arguments with himself on the daily for at least six months now, just perma him and save yourself the trouble
Never happened. Anonymous imageboard. Don't do bullshit like this and continue to prove my point of conspirators.
honestly i didn't bother to read the post, can you tldr it?
(08-04-2020, 12:16 AM)someanon Wrote: [ -> ]honestly i didn't bother to read the post, can you tldr it?
Don't be lazy.
the poll is a little polarized so i can't vote. Sad
(08-04-2020, 02:31 AM)lowpowermia Wrote: [ -> ]the poll is a little polarized so i can't vote. Sad
It very much isn't.
One is "fuck off, we were being sarcastic, we never liked you" - something I doubt few will be honest about.
The other is "this is ridiculous, why does them doing so even matter?"
can confirm that this guy is literally insane, just google his ckey (goobsev) to get an idea of the kind of drama that he revels in causing everywhere he goes
See what I mean?
You see why I have to treat every single one of you like Arthropods or Someanon?
There literally has been a conspiracy against me for years before Chompstation. I imagine it will just be perpetuated.
(08-04-2020, 02:33 AM)Kurou Wrote: [ -> ]
(08-04-2020, 02:31 AM)lowpowermia Wrote: [ -> ]the poll is a little polarized so i can't vote. Sad
It very much isn't.
One is "fuck off, we were being sarcastic, we never liked you" - something I doubt few will be honest about.
The other is "this is ridiculous, why does them doing so even matter?"
no that's what i mean, where's the middle-ground option? where's the intermediate options for not fuck you
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