Full Version: Mod Application: Caramelion
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Discord Name:

What role you are applying for:

Why do you wish to be in the position you choose?:
There isn't many Moderators, and I would like to be of more help as part of the staff

How long have you played on the server for?:
Since 1st May 2023

Have you ever been banned, warned, or otherwise reprimanded by admins? If so, why?
Bwoinked once for missplacing some beacons as a shadekin

Have you ever been banned, warned, or otherwise reprimanded by admins on another server? If so, why?
No, haven't played many others.

Have you ever been staff on another server?
If yes, how long? I've been mod in a few other non-SS13 servers for a few years.

Are you okay with a mandatory age check?

What do you want to gain from being staff?
I'm already part of the staff, I just would like to provide more help.

How do you see yourself in the future of the server?
Same as I'm doing currently, but helping to handle more duties as Moderator as well.

What do you want to offer to the community?
I'd like to provide further help with issues, regarding Moderator ones too

What times are you most active? Please include your time zone as we'd like to cover schedule gaps if possible.
Often from 5PM to 11PM, CET. Weekends should give me more time, pretty much all day long.

If you have been a mod/admin in elsewhere, is there anybody who can provide a recommendation?
I've been mod in some others, but they were not SS13 related

We are here to offer a service to the community; as a moderator, how do you want to be represented?
I'd like to be seen as a friendly face; Someone that people can rely on and that won't take sides when it comes to moderation related issues.