Full Version: Yuliy Protean Whitelist Request
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BYOND Username: Yuliy

Discord ID: Harry.K#1661

Race whitelisting for: Protean


What do you know of their mechanics?: Typically charge like the synths. Able to form down to a lesser mob (protean blob). Repairs via using the stored metal, as while numerous other sheets (such as Uranium, Gold, Silver, etc) provides a buff as the carbon mob state. Able to form as a rig suit to provide protection to the wearers.

What do you know of their lore?: There are little to none about the specific lore unlike Vox, Xenochimera or Xenohybrid, etc, aside from being an advanced nanite swarms. Further detailed lore per individuals shows different stories about their own characters because as such.
Base grounds of the nanite swarm, however, shares the same. An advanced nanite swarms being capable to work as a group by the cybertronic brain, while as few 'organs' maintaining the swarms in order.

What idea did you have for your character?: Basically getting the CitRP character of mine to here, so here is their lore.

Link to the approved app:

Solomon Albright, probably about the age of 50 by the period time of the year 2564, felt their physical body form's limit. Or, a mind-copied version of Solomon Albright, that is. His past and his birth climb all the way up to 50 years ago, when he was a simple human researcher, aging to 70. Of course, thanks to technology these days, peoples can live up to 150 years. Hell, or even 200 if one really doesn't matter about their clone, constantly vending out the clones to harvest their organs. But Solomon didn't like that. No, it wasn't about immortality, nor ethics. No, it was about time. Time lacks every single time he has to visit the hospital, vend out a new clone's organs, and replace his old ones. He just wants to 'COMPLETELY' concentrate on the research and research only. Or, perhaps, have a little time of relief; But his human body can't handle that. The space is vast and wide, and there is simply no time to waste for him to know every single thing about the university. So, he made a choice - Uploading his mind up to the robot's body, and continue on his researcher's life.
That was 50 years ago, and yet - Right now, the greed for knowledge once more begins to overwhelm his mind, and even his synthetic body begins to dragging his step, away from the research for the maintenance. Sure, he doesn't have to pick a queue ticket from the hospital, wait for an hour or two to make a week or two appointments for his body. But, still... He's still thirsty for knowledge. Now, waiting for an hour or two for the maintenance of his body; Welding his body and re-wiring the circuits, is too long for him. He needed something more... Much more advanced body form, to shorten the waste of time even more than ever it can possibly be. Literally cutting down to a mere minute to maintain his body form. And that way, he wouldn't waste his precious time.

Though - One thing he may or may not ever know within his lifetime. It's not the maintenance that is dragging him away from the research; It's his babbling mouth that constantly wants to chit-chat and babble the words out. And most likely, even with his new body form - His mouth will never stop.
You cannot store anything except for steel and glass. You do not get buffs. Glass is currently unused.