Full Version: Ban appeal
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BYOND Name:idcaboutaname

Reason Banned:metacomming

Date of ban:2/25/2021

Admin who banned:Numberzero

Length Banned:permanet

Appeal Reason: Okay I admit that I metacommed, but not in the way you are thinking. I did not use it to troll I was trying to use it to setup a scene. Witch we all do I got dragged into this mess by my partner, and I wasn't trying to troll at all I just wanted to do a scene as a shadekin with them. I know I shouldn't have metacommed but I was trying to set things up for a scene, and all that. I realy did mean no harm it was my partner that kept doing everything I was trying to stop them. SO I am sorry for all the trouble that has happened and I have learned from my experience's. I plan to never metacomm again. I hope you can understand that it was not meant to troll, and that I was trying to just scene with them but they were the ones trolling. I was staying away from all the trouble, trying to actually play like normal.
You have repeatedly failed to mention the harassment reasoning. Here was your original ban reason:

"(MANUAL BAN) After review of the shadekin rounds, we are permanently banning you for for metacomming and harassment. We noticed coordinated actions between you and your shadekin counterpart. In general we have noted harassment of other crew members, and during the shadekin incident we saw coordinated harassment of Zehri throughout the encounter. This is a three week ban and you may appeal on the forums after the three weeks -"

We also have notes that you had your whitelist removed due to abusing your department head power over others and you were notified of this removal. This ban is not purely because of one incident, as you should very well know, but as a culmination of notes and harassment. The metacomms is because of what we saw as coordinated harassment between you and smeetreaper during the shadekin round. What have you to say of the harassment.
Wait, never mind. You were caught trying to ban evade with ckey: Imanerd
With that attempt in mind, we will not be unbanning you. You may not appeal ever.